Three light innovations from bmw

Munchen, 2. August 2011 – bmw presents three light innovations that should make driving in the dark: the dynamic light spot, the fubganger automatically illumines at night and thus controls the driver’s attention, a glare-free high beam and adaptive full led headlights.

Targeted light beam for more security

Experiments show that a dark-dressed fukganger is only recognizable in the dark on 29 meters. Was the rule "always go in sight" obeyed, you could not even go to tempo 80, since the stopped path is already 63 meters. With night vision assistants like night vision of bmw, fubganger and wild are already seen in distances of several hundred meters. However, the driver must occasionally take a look at the night vision display. With the dynamic light spot, the fuckanger is detected by the infrared sensors of the nightight assistant and then slightly lighted with a light spot. At the same time, a light strip on the road directs the driver’s attention to the obstacle. Bmw realizes the spot over high performance leds that can be pivoted. Dynamic light spot is designed to be offered as part of the special equipment night vision. A similar system introduced mercedes and wants it "in a model of luxury class" introduce.

Glare-free high beam

Who is often on the road at night, how exhausting it may be to turn off the high beam on oncoming traffic and then return. Already offered as a bmw special equipment is a high-distance assistant. In the indoor mirror fiber, a camera sensor recognizes the headlamp and the jerk light of other vehicles and automatically shuts down and down. Even more light promises the glare-free high-voltage assistant. The system can always remain on. Responsive and preceding vehicles are recognized in good time and actively hidden from the light beam.

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