Three force scarf in comparison

Three force scarf in comparison

Hair, 30. Marz 2011 – you are too short but all the cheeky strabots among the cars: small cars with lots of power, with which it lit gloriously injustice around the corners. We have the 184 hp mini cooper s, the abarth punto evo with 163 hp and the renault clio 2.0 gordini released with 201 horse. Each of the cars carries out the name of a coarse personality.

John cooper

The brite john cooper was an avid car designer and racer. He has a formula 1 stable before he developed the mini cooper, who was successful in numerous rallies. John cooper died 77-year-old in 2000 – until today sports minis in the model name bear his surnames.

Carlo abarth

Karl abarth came from vienna. The motorcycle racer and vehicle tuner made in its turiner company vehicles of fiat, alfa romeo and simca racing suitable. His little race cars drove many victories. 1971 sold abarth, who now called gearname carlo, his company to fiat. In 1979, the clever designer died at the age of 71 years. Under the model name abarth today the sportiest fiat models operate today. As a logo, the cars carlo abarth’s zodiac sign: the scorpion.

Amedee gordini

Amedee gordini was born near bologna. He worked as a mechanic for alfieri maserati, one of the maserati brother. After the first world war, gordini settled in paris. He made real racing vehicles from simca-straubenmodellen. In 1956, gordini’s commitment to simca ended and he moved to renault, where he developed race versions of vehicles such as renault 8. At the age of 79, amedee gordini died 1979. Today, sporty renault models get naming additive gordini when they are equipped with a crunchy optics package and a near-full property. About four meters long make a small car from each of our three athletes with coarse name, a typical gymnast.

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