Three-dimensional prints in prototype construction

Three-dimensional prints in prototype construction

Hannover, 31. August 2009 – modern methods in prototype construction produce components of almost any complexity directly from cad data. The laity seems almost like magic, and because we know that this is true to clarke to any sufficiently advanced technology, we highlight rapid prototyping using the example bmw.

"Generative manufacturing methods"
according to the drug mass models of the eighties and nineties, the current cars for the broad center appear almost artist. Even small cars are designed at all corners and ends to fine details. This was allowed, this was a larger linen for designers through the fast prototype construction accumulated in the nineties, whose methods are summarized under "rapid prototyping" or german, correct under "generative manufacturing methods". The latter therefore, because a coarse part of the methods, yes practically all important, work in shifts. Remember these 3d puzzles of your childhood, which passed a stack of different contoured cardboard windows? She spent her in the right order and received a human head at the end, a globe or other forms without overhange. Similarly, the generative manufacturing process is too. One of the first methods even worked almost exactly; it cut the layers of paper by cutting plotter, which gave the workpiece over each other at the end. However, as a material for prototypes, paper did not depend on, but had to quickly keep synthetic resins. Perform the stereo­lithograph.

at the beginning of the nineties, a smarter engineer combined an industrial laser with a bath full of light-out resin and created the so-called stereo­lithograph. As one of the originals generative procedures, it is well suited to explain this. It is still still present in many areas in prototype production, at bmw, for example, a machine from the fruhen nineties, which is still busy working today. Roughly considered, the machine consists of a platform that slows down gradually into the resin bath, and a laser control system.

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