The anti-intellectual donald and the intellectual idiots

The anti-intellectual donald and the intellectual idiots

King trump with his farts. Image: woman’s house

Real game of thrones

In the real game of thrones, there are no good guys and no bad guys, at least not in the long run; even how the individual characters develop is not always foreseeable. Since the guild of demoscopes and coffee-readers had fundamentally disgraced itself by unanimously predicting hillary’s victory, even the divinations of who or what would turn out for good or ill were hardly to be trusted any more. Just as little as the heralds and loudspeakers who have been feeding the kingdom for months with the fact-free conspiracy theory that king donald had been killed by the "ultra-rare" vladimir was controlled.

But like their predictions, their tried-and-true method of repeating lies often enough to establish them as truth no longer seemed to work properly.

Never before had a king, after taking office, been portrayed as such a "boser" as donald has been, and yet he is now far ahead of his supposedly "good" opponent hillary. And in other respects, too, the exceptionalist kingdom between good and evil was a mess, the usual coordinates such as "right or "left" and "above" or "below" were no longer suitable for a real orientation.

Many people from "down" had an ultra-rich of "above" made king. Who was "right", but spoke out aubenpolitisch for a reward with the ultrabosen, what before only "left" had done; like them, he railed against the "globalists" and neoliberal free trade, but at the same time was "right" nationalist, who with a "left" concept, the "keynesian" called, wanted to start a government program to rebuild infrastructure. "Typical hitler", said some "left" because of the fame "highway", that the bloodthirsty adolf once loved and then compared donald’s ban on muslims entering the country with adolf’s extermination of jews.

Ultra-conservatives, on the other hand, otherwise known as "right" for every decrease of the police and the masters of intelligence, now warned against surveillance and police state as before only "left" and "liberals", for which the protection of citizens’ rights and privacy were the highest priority, but which now, together with "big brother" and wanted to save the deep state from donald. And already appealed to the generals to stand up against their king.

So the mess in the exceptionalist kingdom was rough. Even the guild of intellectuals, which used to offer guidance at times with its wisdom, had almost completely given up the ghost and split into two factions, the anti-intellectual ("a-is") and intellectual idiots ("i-is") were called.

The former now had a top a-i on the throne with donald and felt vindicated, just like the i-is, who are never wrong and have always known that the anti-intellectuals are idiots and have now enthroned a top idiot with donald. On him and his squirrel hair the "i-is" nothing fundamental, not the system is the scandal, but only the presence of this single man.

Whether he’s just taping his tie with tape or making some offended tweet, or settling down in his tower castle in pompous "dictator style" never was it easier to poke fun at a king and the intellectual idiots gratefully accepted the templates that donald permanently provided. They did not even notice that they were only moving in their own echo chamber and that they were blocking out reality.

That so many "liberal" and "left" only worked on the figure on the throne and talked about "obscene clown" to "hyper dangerous hitler" the fact that they pulled out all the stops may have had to do with the fact that they had nothing to really counter donald’s criticism of economic globalism, military interventionism and the state of affairs in the kingdom. Auber dem "i-i"-argument that the people who voted for him were just "a-i" and are simply stupid.

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