Semiconductor factories: samsung builds 5-nm-fab, globalfoundries gives china fab

Semiconductor factories: Samsung builds 5-NM-Fab, GlobalFoundries gives China Fab

In sudkorean hwaseong creates a second production litter for silicon chips. In addition to the so-called fab v1, samsung builds a second complex, which will expose from the second year 2021 silicon wafer with 300 mm diameter and structures of 5 nanometers. Father follow finer manufacturing processes like 3 nm.

The construction has announced samsung as part of a communication. Such projects cost today several billion euros. The previous v1-fab approximately devastated 5.6 billion euros – 5-nm series production should begin there in the second half of 2020. New buildings are necessary from 5 nm because necessary exposure machines with high numerical aperture (high-na-euv) take more space.

From 2019 to 2030 samsung plant investments of a total of $ 138 billion in its semiconductor division. The company produces its own silicon chips such as exynos processors for its galaxy smartphones, but also works as a handler. Both amd and nvidia have already produced 14-nm gpus at samsung.

Globalfoundries pulls up from china

As a misinage, meanwhile, the first chinese production lines of the us chip contract manufacturer globalfoundries. Like the company opposite south china morning post hosted, the operation in chengdu is completely adjusted. Globalfoundries finished the fab together with the local government only in 2018, but never took up chippage – apparently due to a significant misplanning and not because of trade war between china and the usa.

Instead of the projected 3500 employees, only a few hundreds of the maintenance of the location. Originally, the project converted over 9 billion euros costs, the final costs are unknown.

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