Robophilosophy: there is no sexless robot

Robophilosophy: There is no sexless robot

Robots are never only machines. In any case, for robert sparrow is clear from australian monash university to clearly clarified as it at the beginning of his keynote on the robophilosophy 2020 conference. The robophilosphy takes place this year like most meetings virtually.

The relationship with people is always part of the design, stressed sparrow. They are machines that convey meaning. This ability underer to your being. The excitement, which is discussed on robots, is therefore that it is always about what it means to be a person. This is itself for the whole and not indiscriminating industrial robots: too, they too were interested in interest because they provoked debates on the meaning of work. It is therefore time to commit themselves more intensively with semiotics and think about the cultural dimensions of robots.

Gender and ethnicity with robots

How this can look, sparrow introduced exemplifies for gender and ethnic association of robots. Sex robots not only looked at the image of women in the openness and expectations of their appearance and behavior by thinking of them essentially as objects of sexual desire. It also asks if sex with robots is consensual or not. If the robot is programmed to always agree, he will not be raped. Sex without ex official consent, however, is always a rape. With regard to the ethnic assignment, it has been shown that people react differently to robots with different surface colors. Most robots had a glossy, soft surface, set sparrow. But also with a sanctube established by science-fiction, which connects futurism with this color design.

Robophilosophy: There is no sexless robot

The telenoid robots developed at osaka university are consciously designed so that no gender can be attributed to them.

Sparrow sees a dilemma here: both colored and soft robots were able to support racist behavior, especially when robots were perceived as slaves and not as images of man. Maybe there is also the possibility of a self-confident, proud handling with ethnicity, a kind "black power" for robots reflecting stereotypes, instead of besigan? In any case, it is important to keep an eye on the social consequences. Robots had a strong influence on human behavior, such as studies for use in the classroom. They looked like icons, like man magic incarnations. We had to watch exactly how they influence people’s relationships with each other. Otherwise, it is not excluded that sex robots lead to more sexual violence and colored robots required racism. The risk of loss of human autonomy illustrated sparrow with the picture of the hands of a puppet player, which decided his lecture.

Perception and social role

An intention of sex robots, sparrow never wanted to benefit in the disclaimed discussion. If it was alright to live out his sexuality, representations of it probably also fine. With regard to robots, it is difficult to quickly hide the gender as part of the identity. It does not go alone about the exceptional appearance, but also about the social role. An androgynes or asexual design is difficult to realize.

This last statement is supported by a study carried out at aarhus university and was also presented at robophilosophy. How malene flensborg damholdt reported was used for the robot telenoid r1, whose shape at first no certain sex suggests. The experiments were invited to exchange 40 to 50 minutes with the robot about an ethical problem. They should say that gender of the robot had probably. Many oriented themselves in the voice. The proportion of those who wanted to classify the robot no gender, although there is no gender-neutral voice, but was also surprisingly high, said damholdt. Whether a gender-neutral robot is possible, must remain open for the time being.

The indication of a video that yuko murakami (rikkyo university) in the discussion of sparrows (rikkyo university) was discussed in the discussion of sparrows. It shows a japanese robot who taught the enlightened buddhist beings (bodhisattva) avalokiteshvara and apparently perceived in japan as a sexless – although the voice sounds feminine and indicated at the upper body female breasts.

Alan winfield (university of the west of england) suggested to consider the construction of android robot as unethical, especially if a gender can be assigned. Then sparrow could not respond because of time-scarcity. It is noteworthy, however, is that the construction of robots in the core is a reliable project: it is about the creation of a human beings himself to raise themselves to god. To avoid mystification of robots is therefore difficult.

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