Opposition: “bund is too much money in strain”

The opposition in the bundestag has accused the government a missed transport policy. The green and the fdp demanded more funds for rail, cycling and transport. As the federal government’s response to a green request, the federation between 2006 and 2018 ied around 74 billion for the construction and maintenance of highways and federal sausages, but only one billion euros for cycle paths. On thursday (12. September 2019) stands in the budget advice in the bundestag of the transport office 2020 on the program.

Less money for cycling

The green members stefan yellow hair said the dpa, transport minister andreas scheuer (csu) wool no road: "the fountain in the investments in federal radios fast from year to year and more rapidly into the high. The few money for cycling should even take effect despite grobmauliger’s announcements of the minister via better cycling policy in 2020."

Not responsible

The federal government refers in the answer that the countries, circles and municipalities are contiguous for construction and conservation of cycling routes. The covenant invested in bike paths on federal hubs. Yellow hair criticized, scrubbering like his transactions in the 20th. Century. "He concrete for millions of millions in strains for the year. Climate protection does not work, road turning not even."

According to budget draft 2020, expenditure in transportation has increased by 2 percent to 29.8 billion euros. More than half of the money, namely 17.8 billion euros, is planned according to the bundestag for investments. The most expenses are available for the maintenance of highways and federal hubs. More money is planned primarily for the rail and for the expansion of digital infrastructure. For cyclists expenditures are planned of almost 100 million euros, in particular for the construction and maintenance of cycle paths on federal trunk trotting.

Arrest policy

The grunen traffic politicians stephan kuhn spoke of a "standstill policy". He said the dpa"as in previous years, benefiting the road construction alone. This jerk waiting skilful distribution of funds once again shows clearly that the demand of rail, public transit and bicycle traffic not exceed blobe lip service transcends."In order to address the climate crisis, had to budget are used in the right places, namely, on the railways, mass transit and the electric vehicle network.

The fdp politician traffic oliver luksic said the dpa"in the draft budget by prime scouring the mistakes and problems of groko years become visible. Rail and digital infrastructure were neglected too long, with projects in the country and in the water, the implementation is not progressing."The federal government lived from the previous years from the substance. Spd factions vice soren bartol, however, will continue to invest with lots of taxes in the coming year with a lot of tax money in the elimination of stupid, slow roles and bocklining bridges and thus receive and expand our traffic routes."

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