Lotus: formula 1 cart for private customers

At lotus, motorsport fans can buy their own formula 1 race car from 2011. The british manufacturer from hethel has now shown the 478 kw / 650 hp boliding t125 in the context program of the concours d’elegance in pebble beach (california). However, it is foreseeable that the customer base will be surgical. For how to learn about business districts, the car will cost around one million euros. In addition, lotus only wants to build two dozen of these vehicles.

Pate for the t125 stood the race car, with which jarno trulli and heikki kovalainen are traveling in the current formula 1 season. However, the vehicle was modified so that you can start it without a boxing team and keeping it running, lotus shared with. However, the conversions are not sufficient for a strab zulang.

The only 650 kilograms of heavy sports cars is powered by an eight-cylinder engine with 3.5 liters displacement, the speeds of more than 10.000 tours allowed. The car should be much faster than 300 km / h. Exact driving data is there but still little as a usage value.

Those who want to call a t125 his own, must be "exos" according to lotus member in an exclusive club. There, the drivers are prepared for formula 1 pleasure – including briefing by professionals and their own fitness trainer. For the club members, lotus organizes the race weekend.

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