Lotus blood

Lotus blood

Koln, 21. February 2014 – at the legendary name lotus fall the motorsport fan colin chapman, formula 1 world champion, lotus seven, elise, esprit and various other models of sports cars forge – but motorcycle? So far wrong. That should now change, because an avant-garde motorcycle has been called to be the lotus logo, which is indispensable. But much more has the british car manufacturer but also do not deal with the project, he has justified the company kodewa only permission to use the name lotus for the motorcycle.

Whoever has never been aware of kodewa, does not have to go, the name was only insiders of the sports car world cup. Codewa set in 2013 the lotus lmp2 in the fia world endurance championship and currently builds the le mans prototype lotus t128 lmp. Behind kodewa is dr. Colin kolles, a birth roman and his doctorate dentist, which in turn is not an unknown, he led the mf1 and later the force india-formula 1 team in 2006, he was also active as a team boss in the dtm. Inspired, kodewa is not like lotus in great britain, but in greding, a responsible small town in bavaria, about 50 km saundlich von nurnberg.

Community project lotus bike

The c-01 baptized motorcycle is a joint project with the holzer group located in bobingen near augsburg – co-owners of kalex – which has taken the development, production and assembly of the lotus bike. Holzer tits an excellent reputation in the vehicle development for dtm, formula 1, the rally sport and in aviation technology.

The design of the c-01 designed the german daniel simon, who has worked for vw and bugatti, now designed for hollywood futuristic film vehicles, including the motorcycle in "tron legacy", and also feathered at the lotus prototypes for the le mans series of the last two years showed.

Like in the movie

The c-01 can not deny the science fiction appeal of the film vehicle by daniel simon. It is very flat and elongated, the driver squats in only 710 mm high and has to stretch far forward to grab the low-lying mummy knob. The full-encapsulated motor / tank unit of carbon, only on the right side jumps a motor cover and the end cap of the muffler discovery. At the front, the compact instrument unit was embedded, which had no place left under the supercontinated handlebar trim with the best will.

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