Gm remains at lg

Gm remains at lg

Ratingen, 22. October 2015 – general motors (gm) remains in the preserved and works in the field of electromobility with lg electronics (lg) together. The korean electronic specialist with its own battery delivery should also provide the upcoming electric vehicle chevrolet bolt ev with batteries and electrical components.

This is not a rough surprise, because the art chevrolet volt is to be equipped by lg, the car manufacturer announced a year ago. The small car chevrolet bolt ev is to achieve a range of more than 300 kilometers with a battery charge and undercut the competition in the price. General motors presented the bolt ev concept vehicle at the north american international auto show in january of this year. In february, chevrolet reported that bolt ev is expected to be produced from the end of 2016 in the gm assembly plant in orion township, michigan,.

Tight development cooperation

Gm, during the development phase, controlled the layout of the electric motor, battery management, system conversion, and the integration of bodywork and components. Lg supplies the following electrical or. Electronic components for:

– electric drive motor according to the design planes of gm inverter module (converts dc in ac to the drive unit) – charger in the car – electric compressor for the air conditioner – battery cells and packages – strong power distribution module (manages the high voltage distribution to different components) – battery heater – accessories energy module (supplies the different accessory components with low voltage) – power connection module (manages the communication between the vehicle and dc charging station) – instrument cluster – infotainment system

Lg invested more than $ 250 million in a developing and manufacturing facility in incheon, korea to support the development and production of components for the bolt.

General motors commissioned lg electronics for the first time in 2007. Lg should supply the vehicle communication module for gms telematics system onstar. Lg chem was entrusted with the production of battery cells for the first generation of the chevrolet volt, which came to the market in 2010.

Lg electronics, inc. Is a global player in consumer electronics, mobile communications and household conservation. With 119 downcomers around the world and 83.000 employees achieved a consolidated sales of 56 billion us dollars in the financial year 2014. Lg consists of funf business units – home entertainment, mobile communication, home appliances, air conditioning energy solutions and vehicle components.

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