Expert: “by 2025 more than 50% of new cars suvs”

Expert: 'by 2025 more than 50% of new cars suvs'

The boom of suvs and railing wagons in germany stop: 2019 will be released for the first time in a year more than one million of these vehicles. Already in november, the brand has been exceeded with 1.03 million vehicles since the beginning of the year, as evidenced by numbers of the federal motor trade office (kba) in flensburg. That’s 18 percent more than in the same period of the previous year.

Together, suvs and railaries with just under 31 percent market share are now almost a third of the car new in germany. They are the two fastest growing segments in the kba statistics in the current year.

"A trend reversal is not recognizable"

"The high pace of suv sales will also last the next few years," predicts industry expert ferdinand dudenhoffer. "A trend reversal is not recognizable, which also shows the comparison with other car market."Dudenhoffer defines the term suv differently than the kba. Roughly speaking, the suvs and railaries of the official flensburg statistics plus some additional vehicles and variants, so that he comes to about fun percent of higher numbers. But does not change the tendency.

"Grow the suv segment in the high pace of the last 10 years, 2025 will be more than 50 percent of new cars suvs," predicts dudenhoffer. Even with a lower growth, he expects this value for the year 2030.

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