Data scientists urgently wanted

Data scientists urgently wanted

The use of data analytics in german companies is braked by the lack of data scientists and data engineers. Therefore, the service providers invest in the appropriate further education of their employees. This goes out of the "isg provider lens analytics – solutions and service partners report germany 2020" the information services group (isg) published. The increasing automation of many places with the help of analytics software can hardly alleviate the lack of data science professionals.

According to the isg report, the data analytics market was experienced in recent years through preparatory maws such as conception and design. Only now german companies could take a significant number of analytics products. The amount of analytics algorithms can be quickly increased by self-service tools and machine learning, but until the automation is correct, be it even in the big german companies.

Analytics market represented by specialists

On the one hand, the isg study currently lists many special providers in the german market, which could establish themselves with their highly qualified data experts in the market. On the other hand, there are globally operating service providers, which are above all with automation points. "Without a sufficient number of data scients and data engineers, however, is not today", so isg analyst henning dransfeld, "because only you can define the application trap and design that you also bring the company to the desired value".

In addition, data scientists are still asked when it comes to the translation of the analytics ies in algorithms and tools. "This translation performance can not be done so quickly mechanically", so dranfeld. According to the isg study, the submarket of the data science services is correspondingly dynamic. Furthermore, numerous new providers were involved in the market. But whose days sees isg at least partly already paid: a consolidation is still out.

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