Cyber attacks and electoral manipulation: us behave sanctions against russia

Cyber attacks and electoral manipulation: US behave sanctions against Russia

The us government plans to introduce sanctions against russia on thursday. According to various us media, including reuters, the sanctions are against more than 30 russian facilities. In addition, 10 people from the united states should be reported. The reason for these measures is the cyber attacks of 2020 with solar wind software called us state and private computer networks of the us, which should be of russian origin. Likewise, the russian president vladimir putin is accused of having supported the re-election of donald trumps to the us prasident against joe biden with desinformation campaign.

Meanwhile, the us government has confirmed sanctions against russia. The female house explains in the statement: "today the united states is formally naming the russian foreign intelligence service (svr), so known as apt 29, cozy bear, and the dukes, as the perpetrator of the broad scope cyber espionage campaign that exploited the solarwinds orion platform and other information technology infrastructures. The u.S. Intelligence community has high confidence in its assessment of attribution to the svr." at the same time, the biden government emphasizes the meaning of one "open, interoperable, safe and reliable internet". Russian actions ran down these goals divided by many composites and partners, diametrically. The united states now strengthened their efforts for a responsible action of states in cyberspace and for the creation of a corresponding framework for the states. In addition, you want to expand the commitment to collective security in cyberspace.

The ministry of finance has named six russian technology companies, according to the prasidential order, who cooperate with the russian secret service in his cyber program. In addition, sanctions were detected against 32 companies and individuals who wanted to influence the us prassidal elections 2020 and undertaken other disinformation and mixing actions. Eight other people were set to the sanction list because they in the crimea with the casting and vacuum by russia in the crimea. Ten employees of the russian embassy are reported; they are referred to as representatives of russian intelligence services.

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It is to be amed that the non-listed russian institutions land on a black list, with which us companies do not make any more businesses, similarly, as is the case with the entity list of the us department of commerce with chinese companies.

The possible expulsion of the persons could relate to russian diplomats, similar to the us government of barack obama after the election supplies 2016, it is called in the new york times.

However, the economic sanctions could be even more far-reaching, writes the bbc. Accordingly, us prasident joe biden is expected to promote an executive order, which is to prevent 2021 us financial institutions from june 2021 to buy rubles denominated bonds. This was also determined in the prasidential order now.

Spanned location between usa and russia

The planned sanctions in response to the cyber attack with solar winds and the manipulation tests of the us prasident election 2020 by russia take place in a tense situation between the us and russia. So us prasident biden had the russian prassides in marz as "killer" designated. He threw putin to rush political opponents on the neck to secure his power in the country. Russia had deducted in response to ambassador from the usa.

Furthermore, since mid-2020, premiere in the room that the russian military intelligence gru taliban struggle in afghanistan has offered bounty programs for successful subsequent to the us militar. Russia denies the premieges.

In addition, the currently critical situation in ukraine and on the criminal criminal peninsula annexed by russia. Russia has re-marched russian troops on the border to ukraine. The us and vimum nato states look a threat. In a telephone call between biders and putin on tuesday, the prasides recalled the tense situation. Biden stressed that the us preserve its national interests and "fixed" act. Biden suggested a meeting with putin in a third country to precalse the situation and, if necessary, find points in cooperation.

Solar winds and election manipulation

Despite an apparently targeted de-scalation phase, the premieges against russia will now be used for cyber attacks with solar winds and influencing experiments of the us prassadiation election 2020 as the reason for potential sanctions.

2020 cyber attackers had attacked several ministries and resorts as well as private companies in the us and used the software of solarwinds. The attacks known in mid-december 2020 are to go to the account of russia after information from us intelligence services and safety cases, which denied russia. Microsoft boss brad smith had referred to the attack with solar winds as the largest and progressive software attack in the world in february. According to internal investigations, microsoft has been more than 1000 developers involved in cyber attacks.

In addition, russia has been looking for information from us intelligence services 2020 to influence the us prassidal election in favor of the then official owner donald trump. It should be attempted with disinformation campaigns to harm the current prasident biders to prevent its choice and, in addition, to reduce confidence in the us electoral system and promote the division of the us society. Even with the us prassidal elections in 2015, russia had been accused of voting manipulation experiments to prevent the democratic candidate hillary clinton and instead to bring the republican trump into the fairy house.

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