Consumer protection association reminds clubhouse due to serious deficiency

Consumer protection association reminds Clubhouse due to serious deficiency

The consumer center bundesverband (vzbv) has warned the providers of the new social media app clubhouse for serious legal deficiency. This was announced by the board of vzbv, klaus muller, on wednesday on twitter. In a letter to the alpha exploration co. In oakland in the us state of california, consumer protections can not afford that the service in germany is operated without the required imprem. The general business conditions and the data protection instructions were not available as prescribed in german, but only in english.

Underlong declaration required

In the warning, it is also about data protection. Thus, the clubhouse operators complain about the right to use the contact information uploaded by the users from the address bookers of smartphones and to be subject to, for example, advertising. Clubhouse to the european privacy policy ordinance (dsgvo). In the warning to the operator of clubhouse, the vzbv calls for the submission of one "punishable underlines".

Should the alpha exploration co. In california do not respond to the warning or refuse to sign the underscoring, the german association was able to make a lawsuit an action before the district court berlin and avoid a book money there.

"From privacy perspective highly problematic"

Generally, since your appearance in germany, the app has been reviewed by local privacy. Approximately, according to the view of the rhineland-palatinate data protection officer dieter kugelmann, with high probability against the european data protection basic regulation. "After first findings, the us app from privacy perspective is highly problematic", said ball man on wednesday.

When using clubhouse is required by users, "to provide the contact details of other persons stored on their device without having to agree", declared bumper. In addition, in no way transparent, which data the app permanently stores, such as recordings of talks, and how they were used in the future. "Man wife as a user, which happens exactly with the data." he can only recommend people to download the application and not use the application. Also federal data protection of ulrich kelber had already doubt over the practices of the app.

Clubhouse is a social media app from the us, with which users can participate in live podcast rounds. You can also refuse access to the address book at registration, but then do not invite any other persons. So far, the app is only available for ios, an android version is confused with an open release date.

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