Call for permanent prohibition of face recognition in the eu

Call for permanent prohibition of face recognition in the EU

French and italian burgerrellers hope to reach with a petition a permanent spell of automated facial recognition in the eu. They complain that in at least 15 european countries such as germany, great britain, the czech republic, danemark, greece, hungary, the netherlands, switzerland and serbia are already experienced without a public debate and ordinary legal framework tests for the use of controversial biometric identification technology. This development must be stopped.

Online petition

With an online petition, which can be participated, the initiators want to ask the eu parliament and the commission, the outgoing "to take the enormous threat of human rights and our civil society seriously and to adopt laws for the immediate and permanent prohibition of identification and profiling by means of facial recognition technology throughout europe".

It deals with an approach that deep into the fundamental rights. In the technology, not only activists, suspicious and minorities could be monitored, it is called in the campaign writing. The privacy of all burger is in danger. In france, for example, facial recognition is implemented as part of a new online identity card. The police use individual procedures there already for law enforcement in public space. Poland i used to enforce lockdown regulations in the fight against the corona pandemic.


80 percent of the europeans, according to the creators of the campaign, do not agree that the authorities use their personal data for automated facial recognition. In a design for the female book for the regulation of artificial intelligence, the for digital stated commission presenter margrethe vestager had brought a temporary ban on automated facial recognition in public space, but then no longer found such a step.

The italian hacktist paolo cirio, who called the petition into life, described the initiative to network policy.Org as "answer to the decision against the moratorium". To the partners of the campaign against "the instrument of social control" accompanied by the burger rights organizations futureverything from great britain, the share foundation from serbia, european digital rights (edri) and la quadrature du net. The goal is first, 50.To collect 000 signatures. Over 10.000 have already come together.

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